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College showcases: Streamlining the effort

By David Yorke
Senior Advisor,Victory Collegiate Consulting

Baseball showcases and tournaments will give college coaches a first-hand look at a prospect that can offer a more genuine evaluation. Choosing the most “strategic” venues is crucial, but knowing how to streamline your effort will help you focus on the quality of showcase events rather than the quantity.

One of the primary recruiting areas that college coaches focus on is the evaluation of raw baseball talent of prospects that are listed in their active recruiting file. If a prospect chooses a popular tournament that may result in a weekend of success and none of the college coaches on his A list are in attendance, it may not have been worth the effort.

Dave Yorke is a former 12 year college baseball coach and current senior baseball advisor with Victory Collegiate Consulting. Dave provides individual advisement for families and prospects in navigating the college search.

College showcases defined

The first and most common type of showcase is referred to as a baseball combine. Anywhere from 30 to 200 recruits will be in attendance and college coaches on site will receive a packet of pertinent academic, athletic and contact information. Typically the players will be timed in the 40-yard dash by showcase officials. The pitchers will then be sent to the bullpen where they will throw a short bullpen session with coaches watching and radar guns as far as the eye can see.

The position players will be put through several position specific defensive drills followed by a round of batting practice (usually between 12 and 15 swings).

Although these showcases are attended by hundreds of college coaches, these events are not ideal venues where coaches can get a read on a player. After a showcase, a good college coach will assemble a list of players that potentially fit both academically and “position specific” into their program. Coach will email those players and determine when and where they will be playing future games.

The second type of showcase is a showcase tournament. This is the preferred method of recruiting for college coaches and for good reason. We are baseball coaches and we like to watch baseball games! Coaches can look at 40-yard dash times and radar gun readings all day...

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Tom Kovic

Tom Kovic is a former Division I college coach and the current director of Victory Collegiate Consulting, where he provides individual advisement for families in navigating the college recruiting process. For further information visit Victoryrecruiting.com.


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