Announcing: The #WhyD3 Show

On the first episode of The #WhyD3 Show, Dave McHugh sits down with Dan Dutcher, the NCAA's vice president for Division III, to talk about the current state of the division and the big issues that need to be faced now and in the future.

A new show from Dave McHugh, host of Hoopsville, will shine a light on the great stories from around Division III in all sports, both on and off the playing surface. The #WhyD3 Show hopes to shine a brighter light on the student-athletes who not only excel on the fields and courts, but also in the classroom and their local communities.

The show will look at the difference coaches are making, along with the impact administrations and programs are making not only on their student-athletes, but also their campuses. Many of these stories are heralded locally, while The #WhyD3 Show hopes to give many of these stories a national audience.

In conjunction with the Network and with help from the NCAA, The #WhyD3 Show will be produced monthly and feature student-athletes, coaches, teams, athletic programs, and conferences who are doing more than just competing for wins and championships. The show will celebrate the Three D’s of Division III, Discover, Develop, Dedicate, while focusing more of the attention outside of the competition lines.

Dave McHugh will host the roughly one-hour program which will be produced from McHugh’s home studio outside of Baltimore. For more than a decade, McHugh has been the host of the internet-only show Hoopsville, which is dedicated to Division III basketball coverage.

Hoopsville has been an incredible medium to showcase Division III student-athletes, coaches, teams, and schools for not only what they are doing on the court,” says McHugh, “but also what they are doing off of it. I hope The #WhyD3 Show will give us a broader reach to showcase why so many people, like myself, love Division III and the athletes who truly embody the term: student-athlete.”

As a hashtag, #WhyD3 is already a hit. Started by Executive Editor Pat Coleman in 2011 in the middle of a conversation about the merits of NCAA Division III, the Twitter hashtag has been a rallying cry and social media hub in celebrating everything Division III. Students, institutions, and even the NCAA have embraced the social media movement in hopes of raising more awareness for the division.

“It’s always great when a group rallies around an idea, and there’s no better place for that than on social media,” Coleman said. “When people took the #WhyD3 hashtag and ran with it, I was ecstatic. Now I’m glad to see that can help cover Division III in a unique way again. We’ve done if for 17 years now, and The #WhyD3 Show is the next step.”

The #WhyD3 Show will also receive help from the NCAA in terms of supply story ideas and cross promotion. And that help comes from the very top.

“It’s not an accident that Division III is the NCAA’s largest membership division,” says Dan Dutcher, Vice President for Division III. “The Division III model works, providing student-athletes with unique opportunity to grow and succeed in the classroom, on the playing field, on the campus, and in the surrounding community. Each of the division’s 183,500 student-athletes has a different story to tell. I really look forward to hearing those stories on The #WhyD3 Show.”

The show will make its debut at the end of September and feature the annual State of Division III with Dutcher and a look at the Cortland State football program’s rather successful bone marrow registration drive.

In the State of Division III conversation, topics such as the division’s ongoing budget shortfall and how it will impact student-athletes and the championship tournaments is discussed. Dutcher will also talk about the upcoming NCAA convention in January and what is being done to showcase the biggest division in the NCAA.

McHugh will also talk with Andre Green, former defensive starter for Cortland, and Dan MacNeill, the football team’s head coach, about their bone marrow registration efforts. Green was recently matched with an 8-year-old girl who suffers from a rare blood disorder and needed healthy blood cells.

Green talks about why the decision to help was an easy one. MacNeill talks about the inspiration behind getting his football team to participate in the National Marrow Donor Program and how his team has made a major impact with six potential matches in the 5-year effort.

In December, The #WhyD3 Show will feature the Gagliardi Trophy Presentation LIVE. The Gagliardi Trophy is given annually by the J-Club of St. John’s University to the football student-athlete that not only shows incredible skill on the field, but is a standout student, and volunteers and contributes to make his community better. This will mark the fourth consecutive year that the Gagliardi Trophy will be presented as part of a live broadcast in conjunction with the J-Club, the Old Dominion Athletic Conference, and

If any athletic programs have stories they feel deserve to be featured, email Dave McHugh at Fans who think there is a story on their campus that deserves attention could urge the school to follow up or contact the show via social media. The #WhyD3 Show can be found on Facebook at ( and on Twitter (@WhyD3Show).

Look for The #WhyD3 Show on starting soon.