McMurry returning to Division III

McMurry won the men's track national championship in its final season in Division III, prompting D-III members to pass legislation preventing that from happening again.
McMurry athletics photo 

The McMurry University Board of Trustees voted to withdraw the school’s provisional NCAA Division II membership bid and return to NCAA Division III for all of its athletic programs.

In addressing the decision, board chair Chuck Fallon said: "After reviewing the information available from the last two years and carefully considering all our options, the board has decided that NCAA Division III is a more appropriate fit for the University moving forward. We understand this will be a difficult adjustment for our student athletes, their families and for our athletic coaches. The McMurry administration will work closely with all those affected to provide assistance in making this transition."

McMurry began its transition into Division II starting with the 2012-13 athletic year and hasM student athletes on scholarship. The school said it would continue to honor athletic aid at the same level now for two years as long as they are participating in their sport.

It was not clear what that decision would mean for McMurry's eligibility, nor is it clear when the process would begin.

Following McMurry's final year in Division III, D-III members passed legislation stating that once a member school announces its intention to change divisions, it would no longer be eligible for the NCAA postseason. In its final year in Division III, McMurry won the men's track and field national title and made the football playoffs for the first time in the program's D-III history.