#WhyD3 in Three Words

Division III has three words to decribe the division: Discover, Develop, Dedicate. Great words, but how else would student-athletes describe #WhyD3?

We want to hear from student-athletes why they love Division III… in just three words.

Why three words? This is Division III and there are three words already used to describe this great group of schools: Discover, Develop, Dedicate (feel free to use those if you want as well).

The concept is simple: video tape your student-athletes saying or showing their three words and submit those videos to us. Each month we will edit what we have received and showcase them on that month’s The #WhyD3 Show.

You don’t need to worry about editing the videos or putting graphics on them. Submit one video, or several, with all of the student-athletes you chose to use and we will edit them with all of the other submissions. All we ask is that you also include each student-athlete’s name, sport(s), and class and keep them in the order they appear on the video so we can put the correct graphic information on the video.

To submit a video, upload them to a service like Dropbox or Google Drive and email Dave McHugh accordingly (if Dropbox: dave.mchugh@d3sports.com; if Google Drive: dmchugh23@gmail.com) since it will most likely be too large to attach in an email.

Please have the videos be at least 720 HD (1080 preferred) and make sure the audio is good quality so your student-athletes can be heard.

For inspiration, here is a link to something similar Good Morning America has done: http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/Your3Words/. While GMA doesn’t incorporate audio, you can certainly have your student-athletes speak their words or use sheets of paper – your choice.

You can see April's version featuring SUNY New Paltz's submissions along with those gathered by the D3sports.com crew at the Division III Men's Basketball Championship Weekend in Salem, Virginia below.

Each month there will be a deadline to submit your videos to be featured on The #WhyD3 Show. We will announce those deadlines via social media and here:

- June show: Thursday, May 28

Previous submissions:
- October show
- November show
January show
- April Show
- May Show (seen below)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dave McHugh.

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